FRINGEWORLD, on now, Review

FRINGEWORLD 2019: Worship | 5 Stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

To Worship is to honour, to adore, to show reverence for. As if observing a divine being or supernatural power or force…… And believe me when I say upon viewing this show, worship you will –  with full undying need, desire and devotion .

Worship is one of the most amazing shows FRINGEWORLD 2019 has to offer. Bringing together some of the sassiest and the sexiest performers and acts ever assembled in a seamlessly interwoven sensory overload. In a festival that has its fair share of burlesque, circus, singing, dancing and dark seductive themes, Worship and Foxglove Productions are at the very top of the creativity game.

Opening the showcase is aural chill, a flushing of goose bumps to the skin, haunting, beautiful, a voice aided mysteriously by a very conveniently timed zephyr of wind, quite literally shakes the house. As you can imagine, this only succeeds in setting firmly in stone the tone of things yet to come over the duration of the show’s performance determined to do no less than bring a dark world into a sexy light.

The whole show is an overload of each of the senses, touching on all facets of the term ‘worship’ and what it can mean – bringing some very dark qualities and subjects forward, keeping the audience enthralled – on the edge of their seats and their deepest desires. The acts include fire dancers, contortionists, singers, burlesque dancers, and one incredible dance with a fur coat and pvc wide brimmed hat that is truly unforgettable and needs to be seen to be believed!

Observe in idolatry one of the most incredibly athletic circus performers as he bends and twists his body in the most amazing feats of strength and balance right up to the point of drawn in breaths of unison. Hands cover mouths as shock ensues – as the audience sways, spellbound by the seemingly devilish characters. At first glance the personalities are so darkly comic but quickly become more and more thrilling with each and every hauntingly gothic portrayal of the shows layering of talents.

My pick to watch, being that of the sultry singing stylings of sex kitten seductress Miss Veronica Lily – who this reviewer and her guest can now attest to idolising. A recommendation for lovers of sinful pleasure, seduction of the senses, and a powerful performance of outright perfection for lovers of the cabaret genre. This show encompasses all. Bewitching acts that your mind will be unable to let go of long after they vanish from view. An insatiable craving an unsated yearning for more throughout the performance and for nights and days to follow.

On your knees people: it’s time to worship.

WHEN: 7 – 17 February 2019 | 9:30pm


INFO: Tickets $25 – $30 | Duration 60m | Age Suitability: 18+ | Content warning: Sexual References, Strobe Lighting, Smoke Effects | WA ARTISTS | CABARET


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