FRINGEWORLD 2019: Hands some Feet | 4.5 Stars

Review | Kieran Eaton

A love story can be told in many ways and if your strength is circus tricks, why not use them in telling it! Liisa Naykki & Jeromy Zwick are all about this and blend interpretive dance with the circus skills of juggling and tight rope walking. The pair resemble characters in an indie movie, with their strong Scandinavian artsy vibe. This makes sense, seeing that Naykki is from Finland – they are dressed in a matching pink & blue overalls that has a sweet look of innocence – instantly creating mass likability.

When you first see Zwick in a stripped back set, playing with juggling balls on the floor – you really get an idea of his personality – chilled, yet playful. His strong stage presence keeps the audience attention, gracefully building up difficulty with style – juggling with circus style dance that is totally unpredictable. With Naykki looking over at him with curiosity, the two automatically communicate with each other through body language and facial expressions that is clearer to understand than what any words could capture. Gradually the female love interest gets involved in the juggling in a very cute combination.

With comedic chaos, Naykki brings on the tight rope set-up, with Zwick appearing to be love struck takes a while to help her. The Fin’s amazing ability to balance grows and grows with it eventually becoming dancing to didgeridoo played by the young love interest.  The couple work perfectly in harmony together and eventually end up combining their skill sets together in an artful way that looks stunning. They solidify their bond with a little kiss on the lips and it truly melts your heart.

Hands some Feet is a strong show of acrobatics that is wonderful for anybody wanting to see how hands can work with feet.

WHEN: 5 – 17 February 2019 | 8:15pm

WHERE: The Black Flamingo | YAGAN SQUARE

INFO: Tickets $15 – $25 | Duration 50m | Age suitability: All ages | Content warning: Strobe lighting, mild haze  | CIRCUS


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