FRINGEWORLD 2019: Dali After Dark | 4 Stars

Review | Laura Money

Enter the strange and surrealist playground that is Dali After Dark – a place where you choose your own path in the playground that has been carefully curated by the award-winning Briefs Factory. If you’re au fait with them, you’ll see some familiar faces – albeit in disguise – and if you’re familiar with the master of the surreal himself, Salvador Dali, then you won’t be disappointed by this time-melting wonder. So, join the master himself, and prepare to go on an adventure unlike any other – in fact, no two people will have the same experience!

It’s actually to hard to describe Dali After Dark without giving too much away, and I can’t even be sure that I saw everything, but suffice it to say that it’s as if a Dali exhibition morphed into a dream. It is not only the clocks in the paintings melting, but the entire Metros venue! It heaves and bucks under the sheer weight of the surreal oozing out of the works and spilling down the stairs. Performers representing the best and some obscure works of Dali’s cavort about the space – sometimes inviting you to join in. From dancing lampshades, to singing floral couches, and everything in between, Dali himself and his wife, Gala oversee the chaos, decadently draped in sequins in their glorious throne room. 

Perhaps the most impressive part is the artwork. There are original Dali works, coaxed out of hiding from private collections, and local artists’ responses to the surreal exhibit their works, too. There is a history lesson around every corner – with the surreal explained in full detail and even demonstrated by the performers. It’s art history with champagne and nudity and it will definitely persist in your memory! The performances are out of this world and culminate with a dinner like no other – you won’t be skipping this ‘meal.’ 

So, pick up your lobster telephone, call your mates and hang out with the delightfully deranged Dali After Dark. *Chupa chups not included.

 WHEN: 1 – 17 February 2019 | From 7:00pm


INFO: Tickets $40 – $60 | Duration 75 – 120m | Age suitability: 18+ (restricted) | Content warning: nudity, sexual references | IMMERSIVE THEATRE



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