FRINGEWORLD 2019: Tom GK: Hearing Loss, The Musical | 4 Stars

Review | Kieran Eaton

For as long as he can remember, Tom GK has wanted to be a star. Sometimes it has been to be attractive to ladies he fancies but mostly it’s the glory that fame brings. Once you meet GK, you straight away see the energy of a dreamer who loves seeing people enjoy his presence. As a dreamer, many things occupy his mind and so when he greats you he asks you ever so sweetly to sit in the front, with bundles of energy because his deafness will affect him hearing laughter. Now, how could you turn him down?

While you sit down, GK is giving himself a hearing test because to make amazing music, you do need a certain level of hearing ability and in his determination to push through his disability, he allows you to really feel his natural enthusiasm for being an entertainer. With a strong audience connection, he is able bring you on board quickly, including two audience member who offered to help fill a sign language void that he normally has. However, GK has a sincere warmth and you feel his genuine apology for the situation. The realness of this comedic musician is what makes us come together in appreciation of him.

In full old school cabaret attire, including the old bowler hat that when he takes it off, he explains his insecurity of becoming bald. Considering his deafness, you would not think this would be an issue, but he is taking you back to before his condition was a real thing for him. His story starts in university where his real love of music began and lead to after graduation becoming a music reviewer. A medical condition with a long name that sounds scary he gets diagnosed changes his life for ever. Like how music helps him tell this story, music helps him accept his losses to embrace what he can give to the world by the power of song. His keyboard talents grace us in a way that when he requests us to sing along with him, we fully do it and love it. Tom GK: Hearing Loss, The Musical will leave you sing for joy in embracing adversity and fully giving yourself.


WHEN: 7 – 10 February 2019 | 7pm

WHERE: Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den | The Brisbane Hotel | HIGHGATE

INFO: Tickets $22 – $27 | Duration 50m | Age suitability: PG | Australian Premiere | COMEDY| CABARET



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