FRINGEWORLD 2019 | RanDom | 4 Stars

Review | Link Harris

Dom Chambers is RanDom (see what he did there?): the internationally award-winning magician and comedian. He has appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and his YouTube videos have reached over 20 million views! Chambers is in Perth this FRINGEWORLD 2019 with this fantastic comedic magic show.

The show begins with a nod to his famous appearance on Penn and Teller: Fool Us. He starts out with an empty paper bag – pulling out pint after pint of beer, and a single wine bottle for the sake of doing something different! He pulls out his shoe – which is now magically not on his foot – then pours a beer from it – quickly skulling it all. After that – the magic is all new and has never been seen before!

Chambers is personable and funny, keeping the audience laughing with quips and tomfoolery in his act as well as getting some of the audience members in on many of his bits. Whilst he didn’t fool Penn & Teller he certainly fools everyone in the audience – if the constant cheers, oohs and aahs are anything to go by.

This show is definitely worth a look and you won’t be bored or disappointed with Chambers’ stage presence and personality – not to mention his magical iphone assistant, Siri. So go and take a punt on a RanDom show!

WHEN: 26 January – 9 February 2019 | 9:50pm


INFO: Tickets $27 – $31 | Duration 50 mins | Age suitability: M | COMEDY/MAGIC



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