FRINGEWORLD 2019: Bella Green Is Charging For It | 3.5 Stars

Review | Kieran Eaton

What does it mean to work in the sex industry? It is a massive industry and yet so divisive. Bella Green is here to provide a face for it. She certainly has the charisma to pull it off, with a smile and confidence that makes you take notice of what she says. Her laconic nature makes you feel that you are already her friend. She may only be in her early twenties but she has clearly experienced much more than most Australians of similar age.

It is a surreal seeing PowerPoint slides of an industry that for many appears dark and mysterious. There have been slow progressions in protecting the (mostly) women involved in all the varieties of sex work but because of the stigma it is often a thing that nobody talks about. Green sets this premise up with the question, “Are little girls born to be sex workers?” She knows this because technically we are not born any specific job but it evolves gradually and she admits that certain quirky interests growing up have led her to be interested in jobs more outside the box.

Many costume changes are made to add visual insight, and so Green also uses the computer slides to distract us with real evidence she gets from men wanting services. You have to squint to get a good sight of it and an audio backing could of added to the feel. Sometimes laughs come more from disgust and amazement of the arrogance of the people paying for sexual entertainment. Highlighting hypocrisies and ironies is her strength, especially when combined with live and video act outs. However, a few more moments of word play would of added to this concept because how often do we use double entendres to deal with the awkwardness of sex.

This is still an important eye opener to the world of making money through sex and so see Bella Green is Charging for It for some comedy that keeps it real.

WHEN: 5 – 17 February 2019 | 9:30pm


INFO: Tickets $18 – $22 | Duration 50m | Age suitability: M | Content warning: sexual references | mental health | COMEDY




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