FRINGEWORLD 2019: Bitch on Heat | 5 Stars

Review | Link Harris

Walking into The Main Space at The Blue Room Theatre we can see four white Roman column pedestals, three with flower pots each sporting some green foliage and the last with a silver serving tray – with a domed top – and a huge puffy white thing in the middle of the floor draped in white material and what I can only presume is a woman inside then the show starts.

Unfortunately, other than what you’ve already been told I can’t actually tell you anything else about the show because it would ruin it other than the fact that this one woman show – performed by Leah Shelton – revolves around consent or implied consent all the while taking the mickey out of it and looking exceptionally well whilst doing so. The props are excellent, lighting is exceptional, costumes are hilarious, musical backing is awesome, lip-syncing is on point and Shelton had it all down to absolute perfection in this somewhat provocative and thought inducing show.

This is definitely a show to see and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone – except maybe misogynists (although they would benefit from the message!) If you have ever seen any of Shelton’s work before you will not be disappointed and even if you haven’t get yourself a ticket and support a great artist! Personally I couldn’t speak more highly of this show.

WHEN: 5 – 9 February 2019 | 9:30pm

WHERE: The Main Space  | The Blue Room Theatre | FRINGE CENTRAL

INFO: Tickets $28 | Duration 45 mins | Suitable 18+ | THEATRE/PERFORMANCE ART


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