FRINGEWORLD, on now, Review

FRINGEWORLD 2019: Gloria’s G-Spot Gameshow | 4 Stars

Review | Laura Money

Have you discovered the G-spot yet? You know, the place where you come and have a good time with a bunch of other people? I’m talking, of course about Gloria’s G-Spot Gameshow. It’s a gameshow like no other – there’s pass the parcel, fashion parades, and safety words – after all, Gloria is all about the sexiest word on the planet: consent. So make sure you seek out the G-spot for a night you’ll never forget or regret!

Gloria is all about providing a safe space for her sex games. She is resplendent in red, sequinned shoulder pads and all. Of course, when it comes to eras she’s polyglamorous baby! Gloria has love for the 80s, 90s and even the noughties and she plays hits from all of these eras while diving into the games.

As for celebs, the G-Spot is chock-full of them! The remarkable Zane Alexander brings the cream of the g-list celebrity crop to life with tongue firmly in chiseled cheek. I won’t give anything away, but Gloria knows some people! Alexander is so versatile and so funny, he switches from character to character seamlessly – upping the ante each time.

Chloe King‘s Gloria is a fantastic character. She welcomes you eagerly to the g-spot with warmth and love. Could this woman get any more fabulous? I don’t think so! Gloria is hilarious, all the clever and funny references are there as the party girl with the red shoulder pads invites you to play in the g-spot.

At the end of the day, Gloria’s G-Spot Gameshow is the most fun you’ll have this FRINGEWORLD 2019. It’s the ultimate orgy of fun, so make sure you get in touch with the g-spot – you’ll want to come over and over again!

WHEN: 1 – 10 February 2019 | 7:30pm

WHERE: Courtside | The Aberdeen Hotel | NORTHBRIDGE

INFO: Tickets $12 – $25 | Duration 55m | Age suitability: 18+ | Content warning: sexual references | WA ARTISTS | COMEDY



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