FRINGEWORLD 2019: Buzzy Beats – Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours | 4.5 Stars

Review | Kieran Eaton

Guru Dudu knows how to make silliness cool. Seeing this lycra wearing man can give you nerves that you may not fit into his scene but have no fear as chilled and yet energic, Dudu knows how to open your mind. At first you may think that the title of Buzzy Beats – Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours sounds a bit uninteresting, however be (and bee even) prepared to be sent on a mystical journey of bee, if it was into pop music. The bee information is brought to you by the WA Museum and this pairing is superb in creating a fun and informative angle to this amazing interactive performance.

Dudu is a Victorian performer but as he has been part of FRINGEWORLD for a while now, he knows the traps to a tee. Wearing fancy yellow tinted glasses this fabulous guide totally embraces his inner dag, allowing you to do this as well. He understands that everybody is comfortable making a fool of themselves, but he leads by example and hypnotically you end up following suit. Most likely you will be dancing with people of all ages and backgrounds as this is suitable for everyone! Dudu makes sure that you are comfortable with all participants by communicating with each other through dance.

The day I went it was warm and in hindsight I wish I brought a water bottle because I sweated a lot, under those ear phones! We all wore them and some off carried an extra in case we wanted a passer by to listen! These people we passed, we had amazing conversations with via song. Weird as it sounds but that is how creative and cleverly thought out this show is.

To get a buzz from the exercise, bonding to music and the loss of inhibitions, see Buzzy Beats – Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours for a once off experience.

WHEN: 22 January – 17 February 2019 | Times vary

WHERE: Meeting point – Corner of James & Parker Street | Pioneer Park

INFO: Tickets $14 – $26 | Duration 50m | Age Suitability: All (general) | Bring Water | DANCE


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