FRINGEWORLD 2019: Charlie Caper – Robotricks | 5 Stars

Review | Kieran Eaton

Charlie Caper is a clever man. He is a magician who is not just content with mesmerising audiences with spell-binding illusions, he also wants to highlight the power of A.I (that’s artificial intelligence to you and me) with the incorporation of robotic technology! This insane blend of old school and new school tricks is a force to be reckoned with. Caper has travelled far and wide and already been critically acclaimed throughout the world. Last year he created a fantastic show with fellow Swede Marlin Nillson but you can tell that his curious mind always looks for something different.

Due to the rain, we got let inside the tent early to see Caper still setting up his robots. This did not phase him, as this gem of an act embraces bringing light to odd situations. Caper has a very quirky sense of humour and this adds to his charm, especially in awkward situations – having you on the edge of your seat in disbelief. The dry wackiness gets your head into a space of being unsure of what is truth and what is just his out-there sense of humour.

When you scan the room to observe robots of different style and most even toy like, you feel like he is Peter Pan taking you to Neverland. These are so smart they can work out the right moment to give him advice or help him with his clothing! You could say the robots have a personality of their own while watching them mess around with Caper and even have their own existential crisis!  Artfully there is chaotic order from Caper’s dealing with the robots and the audience. The show ending with some words of wisdom, proving how there is much depth to magic, robots and this illusionist as a person.

Charlie Caper – Robotricks is a night for the whole family. It has something for all and gives you hope to the world that we should all reach for the stars!


WHEN: 18 January –  February 1 2019 | 8:15pm & 6:30pm

WHERE: The Black Flamingo | Yagan Square | NORTHBRIDGE

INFO: Tickets $25 – $34 | Duration 55m  | Age Suitability: All ages | Content warning: Depicts Violence | CABARET | MAGIC/ILLUSION


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