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REVIEW: Dom Mckee For MP

The University Dramatic Society – which is now 100 years old – presents Dom Mckee for MP, an original production both written and directed by Matthew Nixon, music by Brock Stannard-Brown & Paris Ceg and choreographed by Noa Gubbay and Nina Willoughby.

This story is about a small but wealthy fictional town called Wolobolee in the middle of the Australian desert circa 1961, which is in the midst of an election for local government and all of the ensuing ridiculousness and chaos which arises from a single lie about communism or rather someone being accused of being one – a big no no at the time if you weren’t already aware.

Heading into the Dolphin Theatre at UWA the red curtain is down and some very jazzy or swing type music is playing whilst we wait, the curtains rise revealing a rather sparse set consisting of two large side panels painted to look like a bar, the town name projected onto a screen on the back wall and some typical pub chairs and tables – all of which will be utilised and changed as the show goes on.  Behind the panels we see a ten piece band playing the beautiful music prior to the curtains raising, and it continues to play their excellent score during the entire show. The singing  throughout is superb albeit the volume is a little low for a few of the actors not wearing mics, the dance numbers and choreography are excellent and again everything is backed by the fantastic ten piece band.

The show is a roller coaster of raucous ridiculousness set at the same time as the Cuban Missile Crisis and, as such, you can expect harsh words to be exchanged between Australia, Russia and USA which really lends to the fun of the whole show. It is choc full of hilarious one liners like “they take the bras off before burning them”and “his teeth look like the entrance to Luna park” not to mention physical/slapstick humour, poking fun at American, Australian and Russian stereotypes as well as plenty of other laughs from taking the mickey out of Vegemite, the great emu war, Russia sending a man into space – with a cannon? – the sheer stupidity with international politics, just how childish politicians can be, the threat of nuclear war, espionage,  the media highlighting just how much power they have over easily led automatons, how the mentality of a mob is a marvel of idiocy to behold and how self proclaimed thespians tend to overact beyond all imagination – one of the characters not the actor playing him.

Dom Mckee for MP is definitely worth a look, if you love comedy and musicals this is without a doubt something which you will enjoy and even if you don’t go along for the fantastic music provided by the brilliant ten piece band and the silliness of international politics.

Review | Link Harris

WHEN: 9 – 12 May 2018 | 7:30pm

WHERE: Dolphin Theatre | University of Western Australia | Crawley

INFO: Tickets $15 – $25 | Duration 120 mins | Suitable 18 | COMEDY/MUSICAL


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