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REVIEW: Peter/Wendy

The Murdoch Theatre Company presents Peter / Wendy starring Felix Camponovo as Peter Pan, Xarna Rappold as Wendy Darling, Clea Purkis as Tinkerbell, Bella Doyle as Mrs Darling/Hook, Sean Wcislo as Mr Darling/Smee, Kelsie Anderson as Tiger Lily, Jordan Tabb, Tarryn McGrath and Domenic Scriva as Lost Boys.

As you would expect this is about Peter Pan, Wendy Darling and the adventures they share together both before and after going to Neverland with the added inclusion of Wendy’s parents, the consequences of them having Wendy in the first place and her leaving them which was left out of the commonly known movie versions.

Going into Studio 411 at Murdoch University we see all nine actors standing still around the set, which is simple with nothing more than a wall and an inset window, a bed and some drapes. The lighting and use of the props more than makes up for its simplicity and actually pushes it further with how simple it is and how well everything is utilised as the show goes on.

Not much can be said about the play as it’s your normal take on the Peter Pan story with some added bits – which I’ve already mentioned – however  all of the actors shine a light on their parts with such skill and finesse which lends to their respective characters; Camponovo is an excellent and playful Peter Pan who definitely plays the part perfectly of the boy that will never grow up, Rappold instills an innocence to Wendy I’ve not seen before as well as the realisation that she needs to grow up and leave Neverland, Purkis provides some dry, tongue in cheek and sarcastic humour to Tinkerbell which has the audience laughing every time regardless of whether she has lines, was just being jealous or playing around in the background. Doyle portrays Captain James Hook flawlessly and spectacularly with a sharp wit and strong presence, Wcislo definitely hit the mark as Smee with rolling laughter following every funny look and remark made as well as his body language, Anderson does exceptionally well as Tiger Lilly vying for Peter’s attention and her speech about dying, Tabb, McGrath and Scriva portray their parts equally as well albeit they are unfortunately more background characters but still manage to get laughs with the little attention paid to them which was a shame as they really needed more to do.

Having been to a fair few student theatre productions normally I would have given this a miss on sheer principle however I would be remiss in recommending this to anyone and everyone as this is without doubt the best production I’ve seen with a simplistic set, great props and brilliant acting lending to how well it is not to mention the skills of the actors. Peter / Wendy is definitely worth going to see even if you’ve seen or read Peter Pan a countless number of times before.

Review | Link Harris

WHEN: 26 – 28 February 2018 | 2:00pm & 8:00pm

WHERE: Studio 411 | Murdoch University , Carpark 4 Murdoch University  | Murdoch

INFO: Tickets $15 | Duration 60 mins | Suitable all ages | THEATRE



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