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INTERVIEW: Grayson Millwood

Grayson Millwood is one of the devisers of Queensland dance company The Farm and they are collaborating with Perth’s Co3 to create the unique and beautiful work Frank Enstein. We caught up with him to find out what the performance is all about.

How did Frank Enstein come about?

It came about because Gavin and I have children of our own now, and we have a belief that work made for kids doesn’t have to be dumbed down…

What does the performance say about how we perceive our bodies?

Our main protagonist has a disability, and he is creating these hyper able bodied dancers as his monsters. He sees them as perfect, and yet they also see him as perfect. As an audience we simply see that they are different.

Do you sympathise with any characters in particular?

Oh I keep moving all over the place with that one, Luci’s nervous loner character is the first character I sympathised with, but I have also sympathised with Andrew when his loyalty is betrayed, with Talitha when her love is not reciprocated, with Zach’s attempts to fit in and Will’s struggle to find love. 

Wow, you would never guess from that description that it’s an uplifting show, in which everyone finds what they want!

How does the show relate to the current issues of 2018?

It reminds us that despite the 24/7 distractions, it’s the people close to us that are important.

We need to start with ourselves, accept who we are and connect to others.

Describe the show in 3 words.

 For the adults:

Self-acceptance. Inclusivity. True connections

For the kids:

Silly gags. Vacuum cleaning monster. Magic tricks

That is sort of 3, isn’t it?

You can catch Frank Enstein at the State Theatre Centre WA from 11 – 15 April 2018.




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