FRINGEWORLD 2018 | How To Period Like A Unicorn | 4 Stars

Review | Laura Money

Lucy Peach is here to preach the power of your period! The beautiful husband and wife team, Lucy Peach and Richard Farley (live graphic artist) gently educate you about the menstrual cycle through song, story, art and the occasional graph – oh and chocolate – lots of chocolate!

How To Period Like A Unicorn is a friendlier sex education class – designed to be a safe space for women of all ages to learn about their wonderful bodies and how to tap into the power of their cycle. Starting, as all of these tales do, with Peach’s own ‘first period’ story rendered beautifully in the style of an indie song as Farley adds graphics behind her, one instantly takes a shine to the lovely Peach. Farley sits onstage and adds little clouds, bubbles, and generally whimsical artwork in response to Peach’s words which are projected up behind her. They are perfectly in sync and clearly, in love. It’s sweet to see Farley’s love for his wife so openly on his face as he watches her.

And who wouldn’t be in love with Lucy Peach?! She is so kind and encouraging as she tells the audience about each phase of the mentsrual cycle – yes, it’s more than just ON/OFF – and tells you in one succinct show what the teachers at school neglect. Sure they tell you the science, but Peach breaks it down further and helps you tap into the potential of each phase. Using real life heroes from the audience, Peach gently celebrates women in all phases of their period – older and younger alike.

The music is soft and beautiful, the art is whimsical and fun, Peach herself is encouraging and so loving – it really is a big love-fest! I was impressed with the amount of young women I saw, and I strongly encourage more young women to grace the audience because this is honestly the best lesson you’ll ever get on your period – because it’s not a lesson – it’s a celebration. If only Peach had been there when I was a teenager!

WHEN: 22 – 25 February 2018 | 5:45pm

WHERE: De Parel Speigeltent | The Pleasure Garden | Northbridge

INFO: Tickets $16 – $20 | Duration 60 mins | Suitable all ages | Teenagers encouraged! | WA Artists | THEATRE





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