FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Flight of Fancy | 5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

Flight of Fancy is the best value for money variety night you’ll find all FRINGEWORLD 2018. Seriously, it’s such a great night out – I went to the final one and it went way over time, but believe me I didn’t mind because I didn’t want it to end.

It’s unfair to review individual acts in a variety night, but I will say that the magic combination of the quick-witted host Andrew Silverwood and the hilarious stage kittens kept the night at a really high level of entertainment. Curator, and finale act Whisky A’more really knows how to create a winning line-up.

We got a sneak peak of Logy on Fire – a street entertainer who brings old-school classic juggling and the like crashing into the twenty-first century. He gave us a little taste of his street show in a cigar box manipulating trick that left us in tears with laughter and then ensured our jaws crashed firmly to the floor and stayed there!

There is still ONE MORE CHANCE to see Logy on Fire at Fringe Central Sunday 25th February, 5pm.


Next up was the charismatic Scotsman, Elliott Bibby who cracked us up with his silly antics and then blew our minds with his amazing talent. Bibby is (at the time of writing) the Scottish Magician of the Year and for good reason. He got an audience member up from the crowd and read her mind – before blowing it! I enjoyed his natural comedy more than his tricks – but don’t get me wrong, I was pretty damn impressed with them, too.

There are still TWO MORE SHOWS left of Elliot Bibby Scottish Magician presents: McMagic Moments Sunday 25th February 8:00pm & 9:00pm


Just as the guys up on stage were making things look pretty easy, Silverwood asked if anyone in the audience wanted to give Burlesque a go. I honestly fell for this for a split second, until I realised that the dream team from Improlesque were the ones to answer the call. Think Whose Line Is It Anyway meets Striptease! Baron von Envy and Trigger Happy got dressed in the funniest, extra af outfits and proceeded to improvise a full burlesque routine in the ballet style to Destiny’s Child’s ‘No Scrubs’ and I can tell you, those moves will stay with me forever! These guys are ridiculously funny – watching them was a better ab workout than any Pilates session could ever be.

There is STILL ONE SHOW left on Sunday 25th February at 7:00pm so don’t miss out!


As a writer and a theatre-lover, the wonderful Dee Dee Luscious performing her librarian burlesque striptease was right up my alley. Reading an oversized volume of ‘How To Burlesque,’ Luscious looks around guiltily – slowly stripping off with a shy grin and a hilarious technique. Her facial expressions were a bit silly for my liking – I mean, she’s meant to be repressed, not backwards – but those dance moves were so perfectly and hilariously timed. It’s clear why Dee Dee Luscious won Burlesque Idol Perth 2018.

It was also a huge treat to be entertained by the phenomenal wonder, Clara Cupcakes. I haven’t been lucky enough to catch her this FRINGEWORLD 2018, so to see her at Flight of Fancy was extra special. And she did not disappoint. Whirling onstage like the Tassie Devil, Cupcakes whipped us into a frenzy with her brilliant hoop routine. She has been doing this routine for a while, but it just seems to get better and better! You can still catch Clara Cupcakes’ FINAL SHOW Sunday 25th February 8:00pm.


Of course, Flight of Fancy wouldn’t be complete without the incredible Whisky A’more and she burst onto the stage in a brash, blue, Braveheart blitz! A’more’s unique routine was truly exciting to see – fiercely bold and intimidatingly sexy, Whisky A’more dominated the stage and titillated while terrifying the audience. Her brilliant curation and vision is what solidified Flight of Fancy as an absolute highlight of FRINGEWORLD 2018 – it was a night I will never forget!

Unfortunately Flight of Fancy is all over red rover – but keep your eye out for the acts you’ve read about and check one of them out – you won’t regret it.


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