FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Dirty Jazz Cocktail Hour | 4.5 Stars

Review | Laura Money

The irrepressible Jessie Gordon is back in a night of saucy songs and cheeky tunes all themed towards drinking and alcohol. Accompanied by the incredibly talented pianist, Chris Foster the duo tackle everything from old jazz standards from New Orleans to Nina Simone and Frank Sinatra – if it involves alcohol, it’s here!

Dirty Jazz Cocktail Hour is a pretty sedate evening, full of class and jazz standards. The Ellington Jazz Club fills with jazz lovers and offers you a ‘Filthy Gordon’ – well it’s a White Lady Cocktail, but I think it’s far more novel to sip on a Filthy Gordon while watching the real thing onstage! Gordon’s sublime voice carries throughout the whole club as she charts the origins of jazz in her opening song about Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Not only do you get a good theme, but you get a history lesson, too.

Gordon’s throaty tones seduce you through cheeky jazz songs like ‘Let’s Get Drunk and Truck’ and ‘Long John’ about her dentist. These songs are full of innuendos, and Gordon’s cheeky eyebrow raises and winks really offset the material! There are some really beautiful pieces, like ‘Lilac Wine’ once covered by Jeff Buckley and ‘One For My Baby’ by Old Blue Eyes himself – and Gordon pulls no punches, hitting every note and adding that certain extra quality that goes with her charming stage presence.

There is a powerful message here, though. Music and popular culture are real indicators of cultural memes and can be agents of social change and the zeitgeist of the time. Little quips about inflation and how the songwriters of the 1930s were probably not quite as innocent as we like to think of them combine with Gordon’s acute observations about inequality – especially feminism – to firmly place these songs in context and possibly highlight inequity in our current world.

Get yourself down to The Ellington Jazz Club, grab a Filthy Gordon and watch one on stage, because this is one fantastic night out!

WHEN: 21 – 25 February 2018 | 9:00pm

WHERE: The Ellington Jazz Club | Northbridge

INFO: Tickets $22 – $26 | Duration 50 mins | Suitable 18+ | WA Artists | MUSIC




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