Review | Kieran Eaton

Angela Scaturro, Caitlin McFeat, and Clare Thomson love their vaginas –  and this is important in this ‘negative body image’ world. To preach this, the MILK BOX Theatre Company creates a production of personal accounts relating to this wonderful body part. This intense set of monologues spoken by three millennial aspiring actors brings honesty centre stage!

SUPER-FANNY-TASTIC deals with a mix of subject areas – the science of the vagina, childhood to adolescent experiences, and finally some sexual experiences. This is an impressive range to cover and the sincerity is clear. However, the acting does not have the same range – creating a lecture-like feel to the night. Occasional humour is spattered throughout to ease the tension of the serious subject matter but some matters are kept serious to send the message that sexual assault is not on. There is minimalist styling to keep the audience focused on every word that is being said – leaving a mixed reaction to people connecting with them. The three performers display varied outcomes of being a young a woman in these current times – and it is a complex issue that is hard to portray without coming across as glib.

When you first see Scaturro, McFeat and Thomson standing together you feel a sense of friendship and solidarity. This is vital when you think of current movements like #metoo breaking the isolation caused by fears mainstream judgement. This subject is a strong part of the current zeitgeist and so there will always be cynics that could believe they are just jumping on the bandwagon, but this is not the case as these three thespians are part of the generation that are more open about speaking out about things personal to them.

Check SUPER-FANNY-TASTIC to see a solid show from the heart.


WHEN: 20 – 25 February 2018 | 10:00pm

WHERE: Black Flamingo | Pleasure Garden | Northbridge

INFO:  Tickets $22 – $25 |Duration 50 mins | Recommended 15+ | WA Artists | THEATRE



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