FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Super Tough Improv Live | 1 Star

Review | Amanda Lancaster

Super Tough Improv Live as you can guess – is a bunch of comedians doing Improvisational comedy – a bunch of games, sketches and scenes all made up on the spot. Presented by Infinite Jest Comedy the show sees Manfred Yon, Rory Machell, Sonny Yang and two guests doing completely random and absurdist  comedy by the very seat of their pants.

Realistically, it’s not that you can’t say anything about this show’s performance moments, it’s just that with a constantly revolving  line up of guests and assorted spontaneous madness from all angles this show will be deserving of a different review each and every night. Let’s face it, it can’t be even remotely easy to make up everything on the spot, night after night – from audience suggestions no less – but even still the reception for the night I attended, was lacklustre at best and most of the hilarity was found in the listening to the one audience member who laughed at everything regardless of whether it was funny or not.

Speaking for the individuals and their improvisational abilities, it’s not a pressure too many people would thrive under, however arguably the best was Yon as he added his own brand of comedy to this severely lacking show, doing exceptionally well albeit at times unable to help but cracking up on stage when he found something funny. Machell, Nic Maro, and Yang added some small quips and giggles here and there but unfortunately nothing spectacular, this whole performance fell flatter than a pancake.

If you like stupid humour and terrible acting like those ‘B’ grade movies such as Sharknado, this show will surely be a guilty pleasure and even if last night didn’t grab me by the funny bone doesn’t mean one of the other nights wont have you in stitches.


WHEN:  20 – 22 February 2018 | 7:00pm

WHERE: Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den | The Brisbane Hotel | Highgate

INFO: Tickets $17.50 | Duration 50 mins | Suitable 18+ | COMEDY/PERFORMANCE


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