FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Herstory – Leading Ladies | 5 Stars

Review | Link Harris

Herstory – Leading Ladies stars none other than Imogen Kelly, the Queen of burlesque, in this satirical look into leading ladies who were persecuted or looked down upon – well not any more!

Supported by her two faithful sidekicks who served drinks, got her drugs – fake ones – helped her with costume changes, wiped her down, lathered her up and danced spectacularly in their own right. Aside from the satire and fantastic costumes of all of these leading ladies, Kelly shows off her skills in aerial silk and other aerial abilities including playing with water and cake.

Our leading ladies were Queen Elizabeth in all of her supposed drug using glory to rectify her menstruation, Catherine the Great with her horse – yeah we really don’t need to say more about that one, Marie Antoinette who can be best described as break dancing on a cake, Margaret Thatcher who tried to be sexy in all her tea cup and tea bagging glory, Joan of Arc who’s mirror ball impersonation was spectacular, Julia Gillard who ended up clad in a “F#ck Tony Abbot” t-shirt and Diana, Princess of Wales who climbed Big Ben – King Kong style – holding the Queen and throwing her, chasing down Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and throwing up on her and Prince Charles was squashed like an ant under her boot.

This show is definitely a must see but obviously leave your kids at home and come enjoy this hilarious satirical look at famous Leading Ladies and even if you don’t want to see someone going The Full Monty come along anyway and support this amazing show.


WHEN:  19 – 24  February 2018 | 9:45pm

WHERE: The Edith Spiegeltent | The Ice Cream Factory | Northbridge

INFO: Tickets $30 to $35 | Duration 60 mins | Suitable 18+ | CABARET/BURLESQUE


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