In Brief


Amelia Burke is a performer and theatre devisor from Perth and is part of the creative team behind MISS WESTRALIA, the true story of the very first Miss Australia, from WA of course! She answered our ‘Five With Fringe’ series ahead of the FRINGEWORLD 2018 show.

Describe your show in 3 words:

Girl-Power, History, Whirlwind

What is your show all about?

Miss Westralia is a new musical about Geraldton born Beryl Mills, who won the first Miss Australia competition in 1926.  Her winnings included a promotional tour to the United States and her experiences abroad are the basis of our story.  Three other historical characters, Sir Frank Packer, Beryl’s mother Kitty and Miss America 1926, make some cracking cameos  and fuel Beryl’s hilarious coming of age tale.

Favourite place for a post-show drink?

The Bird!

How would you describe your FW experience?

FRINGEWORLD is like the ultimate jumping castle. We don’t want out any time soon!

Apart from your show, what other shows would you recommend?

Renee Newman’s Seeking Basic Needs and Other Tales of Excess at PICA. See and feel Northbridge for the first time again (or ever).

You can get your tickets to see MISS WESTRALIA here:


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