FRINGEWORLD 2018 | What The Fandango | 5 Stars

Review | Brandon Taylor

What The Fandango is a lusty musical comedy featuring award-winning cabaret star and classical voice teacher Robert Hofmann. Backed by the legendary Cathy Travers on accordion, Hoffman returns to Fringe World from a triumphant act in 2017 to lavish his audience with satirical digs at love, lust, sex, gender, religion and music.

In order to best make fun of these various topics, Hoffman transforms into four hilarious characters. German playboy ‘Helmut Vunderlicher’ workshops standard love songs into “same-sex serenades.” Glam goddess ‘Dr. Gaye Thyme’ pokes fun at Perth and the modern dating scene. Nun and marriage counselor ‘Sister Virgillious’ laments the rub between lust and religion. And loopy church singer ‘Susan Higgins’ shows us the wonders of Jesus and liturgical interpretations.

Genres range from tango to classical German compositions – with a sprinkle of liturgy and Australian modern music in between. Genders range from male to female to the delicious any-man’s-or-woman’s land in between. And it’s all delivered with a luxurious flair for costume, a devout sense of character, and a classically trained operatic voice.

The De Parel Spiegeltent vibes are perfect here – intimate, relaxed and red-hued with a cabaret style feel. Hoffman’s costumes are as gaudy as the stained-glass windows and striped ceiling canvas above.

This show is perfect for singles, lovers and partners of any persuasion, but perhaps best avoided for young children as innuendo is rich and consistent.

WHEN: 13 – 17 February 2018 | 5:45pm

WHERE: De Parel Speigeltent | The Pleasure Garden | Northbridge

INFO: Tickets $20 – $30 | Duration 55 mins | Suitable 15+ | WA Aritsts | CABARET




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