FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Jessie Gordon Live Electric Loops | 5 STARS

Review | Amanda Lancaster

A mind-blowing performance of amazing talent, a highly entertaining evening. Jessie Gordon is the one lady band, with one single unit of audio equipment, and a microphone, she dazzled everyone with her amazing voice and her incredible creativity. Each and every song that played was Gordon’s voice, in a perfect Jazz style.

Gordon is a Perth girl who has travelled the world entertaining audiences, and has even featured on ‘Post Modern Jukebox’. She is one of the best entertainers Perth has produced.

Using her Audio Looping Pedals, she starts by creating a rhythm by humming a base line and clicking her fingers, while recording that, and playing it back on a loop, she then recorded herself bopping and singing a melody to go with the rhythm, then she would record her own backing vocals to play on the loop, finally treating us all to her amazing voice and would sing a song as if we had a whole band before us, instead of just Gordon, her looping machine, and her microphone… and the occasional note taking on her Ipad when constructing the components for an improvised song.

In case the showcased talent wasn’t already impressive enough, most of the show is actually improvised, so each night is different and fresh, and far more entertaining with the audience participation.

Gordon has an amazing ability to get the audience to actually speak, where a majority of audience is too shy to speak up. I noticed how she tested the waters to see what she would need to say to get people to actually speak aloud. In this case, it was having the crowd decide whether to use TLC Waterfalls or Stand By Me as the base melody for the improvised song we were all creating as an audience and artist. It was a very clever and effective method of getting the vital audience participation which most performers feed off for on-the-spot material.

Gordon has once again shown how immensely talented she really is, her understanding of Jazz in all its forms, her creativity and multi faceted ability to make music with a variety of instruments, or no instruments, a powerful and exquisite voice with a range that is unmatched, and an ability to command the crowds’ attention and participation.

WHEN: 16 – 18 February 2018 | 8:00pm

WHERE: The Palace Society | Flour Palace | Perth

INFO: Tickets $18 | Duration 55 mins | Suitable all ages | MUSIC & MUSICALS



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