Review | Amanda Lancaster

If I could give this show ten out of five stars, I would, without doubt, without pause, without reason! I will instead have to settle for giving it my complete admiration and adoration.

CACTUS AND THE MIME sees Roby Favretto as the Cactus, a depressed, awkward, grudge-holding, prickly persona in green. Caitlin Spears plays the Mime, our overly sexed, straight from the horse’s money maker, body self-conscious leading lady, in what can best described as a kids show in all but name.

Watch this supremely talented, cleverly understated and charismatic couple take you through the complete rollercoaster that is being in love. Re-enacting the dramedy that is almost every failed romance or first love ever the not-so-kids-show hosts regale the live audience with their versions of the real truth behind how they met, their relationship ups and downs, and subsequently how exactly they came to be here.

This seemingly stereotypical “children’s program” styled performance starts off much like most romances first moments of falling in love. Full of sunny energy and hyperactivity and enthusiasm everything is bubblegum and the silliness is still sticky and sweet, think what you would expect from the likes of the Wiggles or Bananas In Pajamas – albeit aided by energy drinks.  Two hilarious characters take us on a very public personal journey through their respective lives and  how they came to be  this disillusioned shadow of their former selves.

Audiences beware however, for as bouncy and bubbly as the show starts out –  as in love, with all those first fuzzy formative moments in both fate and narrative, it steadily and rapidly pales and loses its luster when the trappings and rose-tinted lighting are stripped away revealing reality over your idea of it.

Very much creating a feeling akin to that of jumping down a hole with no end in sight, watch as the couple stumbles and falls prey to the pitfalls of what being in a relationship is actually like, how you understand how it  managed to draw you to it, how you never  truly realise how much you take it for granted that it will always be there and never lose its childlike wonder and how you never see the end coming until you’re already watching as the credits roll.

Be warned – CACTUS AND THE MIME is exactly as the aforementioned plays out, lulling you in, grabbing your every emotion and when you finally do get to those final moments  it’s like a repeated smack in the face with a frying pan. This show sends your blood boiling, your heart racing and your feelings haywire. Go see this show, seriously book tickets right now, go fall in love with this performance and the idea of love and  experience how truly heartbreaking  our expectations truly are. This is a show and an act deserving of as much attention as possible.

WHEN: 12 – 18 February 2018 | 9:15pm

WHERE: The Shambles | Fringe Central | Northbridge | PERTH

INFO: Tickets $18.50 – $25 | Duration 50 mins | Suitable 15+ | THEATRE


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