FRINGEWORLD 2018 |I’m OKayfabe | 4 stars

Review | Kieran Eaton

If life was like wrestling it would be very simple – with a clear delineation between the good and the bad. However, life in not so simple and especially for women! This show created by FAKE HEAT founders Janina Smith and Joey Timmins explores this in a crazy wrestling format. These two actor-comedians put their souls and bodies on the line in this creative pursuit.

Smith and Timmins have a strong real life friendship and yet when they take on their different wrestling characters you totally forget this. Both are bubbly and friendly when they introduce the show and so can handle the polarising view that this theatre piece creates a multitude of opinions. They are aware that the audience will have varying experiences of wrestling so we all get eased into the performance in all the little ground rules that make wrestling work.  These two deliver the right of amount of explanation to get excited about the unexpected journey that we will experience. With the seating all around the wrestling ring you know that all will get involved!

To start the wrestling we have two guest commentators and tonight they are two exceptional comedians, Joey Page and Luke Bolland. Both seem to have a well rounded knowledge of wrestling – with UK comic, Page also being the referee!  They introduce the upcoming wrestlers – with a big screen image of each fighter, adding to the hilarity. Then when the wrestling action begins these commentators break down what is happening – creating a little storyline that adds to the drama that is wrestling.  When a winner of each three matches occurs, Smith and Timmins philosophise how they felt playing wrestling characters that had archetypal meaning.

I highly recommend I’m OKafabe to anybody who wants to see a satirical break down of wrestling from a feminist perspective, as this show ticks all these boxes.

WHEN: 6 – 11 February 2018 | 9:00pm

WHERE: Hotel Ibis | The Pleasure Society| Perth CBD

INFO: Tickets $15 -$20 | Duration 60 mins | 15+ Age Recommendation | |COMEDY | THEATRE


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