Review | Elli Gemmo

Opening with hip-hop music played loudly, a buzzing stage with the whole cast dancing and randomly picking members of the public just to dance with them or to take a seat on the barber chair and be part of the show for a moment, The Barber Shop Chronicles presents itself as a rare treat even before starting.

Different characters converge into different barber shops, all sharing their own personal thoughts, fears and hopes, slowly creating a web of crossed references, connecting each barber shop to the other as if there was just one barber shop from the very beginning, accumulating the stories of these people and keeping them united nonetheless.

Deeply excavating into the contradictions and peculiar aspects of a reality where migration and generational conflicts set the scenario for a shave and a haircut at the barber, the show is a true delight.

A journey across nations and continents from Lagos to Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United Kingdom with the ability to deliver an intergenerational and intercontinental portrait entangled with life changing discussions and passionate debates about music and soccer, whilst leaving some room for humour, with a light approach that really makes this show an unforgettable experience, something to treasure for the years to come, a truly profound human and cultural experience.

The potential stasis of the show is eliminated by continuous breaks of beautifully performed a cappella music and dance. The talent and passion of the entire cast is another factor that plays a pivotal role in making this show a contemporary theatre masterpiece.

WHEN: 10 – 18 February | 8:00pm

WHERE: The Octagon Theatre | University of Western Australia | Crawley

INFO: Tickets $25 – $69 | Duration 1 hr 45 mins | No interval | Suitable 15+ | Post show conversation on 11 and 17 February




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