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FIVE WITH FRINGE | Kate Smurthwaite

Kate Smurthwaite is the friendly comedian behind the hilarious show, FORNIKATERESS all about polygamy and how it’s not a dirty word. Kate is here in Perth for the first time, ever, experiencing our beaches and our hole in the ozone layer. We caught up with her ahead of her show and she answered our ‘Five With Fringe’ series.

Describe your show in 3 words:

Sex, Sex, Admin.

What is your show all about?

It’s about open relationships. It’s a super-personal show about the way that I’ve been living my life for years but never been quite this public about it!

Favourite place for a post-show drink?

Actually, after I finish my solo show I host a late night Cabaret show in the same venue. The late show is called Late With Kate and I have some lovely acts coming down, so I’ll be hanging out there.

How would you describe your FW experience?

I’ll be setting foot in Perth for the first time in my life in about a week, so it’s been great so far, but I’ve only seen the pictures.

Apart from your show, what other shows would you recommend?

Go see Stephanie Laing and Lauren Pattison. I’ve loved both of their shows. While I’m out I’m going to try and see some local acts, though. There’s not much point in travelling to the other side of the world to see people you’ve played clubs in London with the week before!

Unfortunately LATE WITH KATE has finished its run, but you can still catch FORNIKATERESS here:


See what we had to say about the shows here:




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