FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Phatcave: Late Night Comedy | 4 stars

Review | Laura Money

Originating in the caves of Edinburgh, Phatcave: Late Night Comedy is fast becoming a FRINGEWORLD mainstay – providing all your late night laughs throughout the festival. The format is simple – a rotating line-up of some of the biggest and brightest stars at FRINGEWORLD 2018, performing well after their shows have finished for the night all tied together by MC Mickey D. Mickey is the perfect host – he is a natural at crowd work, makes you feel safe, but is damn quick and exceptionally funny.

Each night is different, so you never know who you’re going to get, but on the night I went, this was the line-up:

Jez Watts: The master behind Perth’s very own edgy comedy company, Infinite Jest, Watts champions anything left-of-centre. His successful brand of comedy centres on being a bit dirty and a bit different, but he can’t really hide the fact that he’s a pretty decent guy. Watts gave us a selection of material from his Nasty Show and some stories of interesting experiences that happened to him – like how he peed on a guy by accident. Watts tied everything together, masterfully. You can see Jez Watts in his show: “#1” Comedy Great Fun Jez Watts SEO Nightmare

Georgie Carroll: You might be aware of Nurse Georgie Carroll from her television appearances. She’s funny on the screen but downright hilarious in person. Carroll covered everything from her rise to fame, to her husband’s vasectomy. She laughed about how she thinks her kids are embarrassed by her and the lengths she’ll go to stop them from doing anything debauched. Yet, this nurse isn’t kidding when she says the gloves are off. Carroll clearly has a lot to get off her chest and she isn’t holing back! Carroll is only performing a few shows during FRINGEWORLD 2018 (Wednesday nights only) so get your tickets soon: Nurse Georgie Carroll: The Gloves Are Off

Rory Lowe: If you haven’t heard of Lowe yet, do yourself a favour and check him out. You have to see Lowe to believe him – perhaps you’ve seen him hanging around Freo, blond dreads glistening in the sun. Lowe appeared drunk, stumbling onto the stage with a beer that you just knew wasn’t his first, but proceeded to deliver some great comedy. I’ve seen this comedian grow over the last few years, and am pleased to say, he’s at a really high standard now. He told a story about ‘dealbreakers’ in relationships – one I’d heard before – but this time he was incredibly self-aware and kept the punchline squarely on him – rather that making someone else the butt of the joke, a rather sophisticated move, in my opinion. Check out Lowe’s great storytelling in his show Rory Lowe – Get Rich or High Trying

Tom Gleeson: Let’s be honest, Tom Gleeson is a pretty typical white, male comedian telling inoffensive middle-of-the-road jokes. Or is he? See, I think that Gleeson has perfected the brand of comedy he knows – and it’s not quite as safe as everyone thinks. Gleeson enjoyed some crowd interaction, and a bit of banter before firmly taking the reigns. He joked about how his family embarrass him at airports, how he feels going to Bali, and shared his (way too intricately devised) thoughts on the new Wiggles set up. Finishing up with a wonderful subversion on the Aussie attitude towards poverty, Gleeson definitely knows how to stick the knife in – he just twists it so gently you don’t realise it’s there. Unfortunately Gleeson’s solo show is over, however keep your eye out as he will probably keep popping up all over Fringe.

James Nokise: Next came the biggest surprise of the night. James Nokise is a Samoan-New Zealander with Welsh ancestry and a pretty confused accent. He was here to promote his comedy show, Talk a Big Game in which he talks about sport but definitely not politics. But, Nokise can’t help himself. He joked about international relations, economies, politicians and everything in between. He worked the crowd a bit, but mostly stuck to taking the piss out of himself. You get the feeling that Nokise is a really interesting guy with a mind that never stops. Check out his show here: James Nokise: Talk a Big Game

Ray Bradshaw: Fresh off the plane from sunny Scotland, Bradshaw opened by lamenting being a redhead in Australia. His self-depreciation was just funny enough to keep things from getting nasty. After engaging in some audience banter – he managed to find people from Scotland in the crowd – Bradshaw went on the explain his comedy show and share some funny stories that are in the show. Bradshaw’s parents are both deaf, so growing up in Scotland with two deaf parents sure made for some funny material. The funniest stuff is when he uses his knowledge of sign language and deafness to confuse people as an adult. He was funny, honest, and downright entertaining. His show is still on at The brass Monkey: Ray Bradshaw: Deaf Comedy Fam

As far as ‘late night’ comedy goes, the show isn’t as debauched as it seems. Phatcave: Late Night Comedy is perfect for those too wired on a fringe-binge to just go home. Partying well past midnight, these comedians have come to play, so why not join in the fun?!

WHEN: 27 January – 24 February 2018 | Friday & Saturdays | 10:30pm

WHERE: Comedy Lounge Perth City | CBD | Perth

INFO: Tickets $30 | Duration 90 mins | 18+ venue | COMEDY




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