FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Ciaran Lyons – 21 | 4 STARS

Review | Kieran Eaton

Ciaran Lyons is 21 years old, still don’t let this lead you to believe that he is new to comedy as his first gig was at the age of 14! This means a third of his life is as a stand up comedian and this Triple J presenter clearly displays his comfort on stage, in this solo show of FRINGEWORLD 2018.

Laconic and yet professional, Lyons is a master at creating massive laughs with his disarming, conversational delivery. He is so conversational that sometimes he gets engrossed with the characters in the audience.  Lyons creates a clear indication to the audience of his life naivety, asking much older audience members if they still go to festivals.  With his relaxed big smile audience members don’t take offense at his material, as he looks like what a girlfriend’s Mum would like.

As the night goes on you realise that there is no storyline to this show, however this does not matter as Lyons easily woos the whole audience with affability in spades! His material is solid throughout with no weak spots. And if some line gets a weird or lesser laugh, he quickly can wittily downplay it and get an extra laugh.  All his gags are straight forward with them formula working with precise writing and superb timing.

A good thing about Lyons is like a fine wine, he will only get better with age. Ciaran Lyons – 21 I recommend to those who like their humour like Lyons’, smart and slick.


WHEN:  2 – 10 February 2018 | 6:15pm & 7:45pm

WHERE: The Palace Society at 1907 Palace | CBD | PERTH


INFO: Tickets $18 – $25 | Duration 50 mins | WA Artist| COMEDY



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