FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Awkward Confessions of a Homeless Greek Sex God | 4.5 stars

Review | Laura Money

I am going to start this review in a way I don’t normally: GO AND SEE THIS SHOW! Run, don’t walk down to the Hellenic Club (highly appropriate) or the Universal Bar (also, as you will come to see, appropriate) for a little bit of Greek comedy gold. Honesty, with a title like Awkward Confessions of a Homeless Greek Sex God it is understandable that one may think this is a debauched, filthy, erotic kind of show – and it is, but not for the reasons you’d think!

George Zacharopoulos is such a nice boy. He runs onto the stage, charmingly waving and smiling that giant grin of his. I don’t know what I thought a Sex God would look like, but I definitely didn’t expect a clean-cut good-looking Greek man! George gets the audience on side fairly early – and it’s a small audience – seriously, everyone, this guy has SOLD OUT crowds in London and across the UK, he should be playing to those crowds here. You know what I love about George? It doesn’t matter to him. He entertains the crowd with affable charm as if it were a stadium full of people.

In a series of hilarious stories, George builds up a picture of his childhood and we get a glimpse in to his personality. From being forced to endure years of Traditional Greek Dancing lessons, to not being given an Atari game console on his birthday ever year running throughout his childhood, George sets up the life of a fairly indulged but not spoiled little Greek boy. He also discloses that he was a bit of a geek. Being a meticulous researcher and lover of files (seriously, a man after my own heart!) George approached every topic with aplomb – including sex. He created a floppy disk file and collated every bit of information he could about sex and how to be good at it.

Several years later, George found himself living in London with a girlfriend in a long-term relationship. All thoughts of the “Sex File” completely gone from his mind. Until she broke up with him and kicked him out. So, George decided it was finally time to open himself up to new experiences and utilise the tips he’d gathered. It didn’t always work out for him – but one thing you get to know about George is, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out – it is a story to tell. From fancy spas in Amsterdam to discovering the joys of riding one’s bike while completely high, George has so many stories to tell. He is such a friendly and relatable guy, that even when he is talking about some pretty offensive material, that would be seen as crude in the hands of others, you can’t help but smile.

So, get yourself to the Greek (man) and enjoy an hour of honest, open storytelling with a twist. Ignore the title and give yourself a good belly laugh. I did, and I’m still thinking about how awesome it was!

WHEN: 27 January – 25 February 2018 | 6:00pm, 9:10pm & 11:30pm

WHERE: The Hellenic Club | Northbridge & Universal Bar | Northbridge

INFO: Tickets $21 | RUSH TIX EVERY NIGHT | Duration 60 mins | Suitable 15+ | COMEDY




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