FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Girls Stand Up | 4 stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

Girls Stand Up features a rotating cast of comedians, so every night is different. The night I went, it starred Georgie Caroll as the MC, Eleanor Conway, Mary Bourke and Tessa Waters in this all female line-up of comedians.

Caroll, aside from being the MC was shelling out jokes like there was no tomorrow between the different acts, these included her taking the mickey out of her kids and their short names Tom and Bob, Tom is smart and Bob will have fun in the line to Centrelink. Poking fun at herself wearing maternity clothes and if she ever did leave her husband that her tinder profile would read looking for someone to feed her. Taking her son Bob to school there is one of “those” mums who wears active wear and a scarf, she has a 5year old daughter who can count up to 20 in Japanese and can already ice skate, where as Bob, who is 5, will try and keep his clothes on the whole day – he almost managed it. Her show Nurse Georgie Carroll: The Gloves Are Off  runs on the 7th and 14th of February.

Conway who has been single for 11 years – even though she has friends that are 2/10 and she “isn’t” deferring to the audience for some self gratification gets a lacklustre response at best – She spoke about going to rehab and what having a job interview was like after going on a bender the night before, Tinder including how she stalks prospective partners via the use of Facebook and reverse Google searches and how her eventual dates go – usually ending up fucking someone for Nando’s, if it came to it. Her show, Eleanor Conway’s Walk of Shame is running on the 3rd and 4th of February.

Bourke was talking about staying in Mt Lawley and how it’s a very douchy, hipster suburb, how her Air BnB place is basically a garage and was unfit for human habitation with the landlord pissing her right off by saying she was being a bit too hysterical. Her husband now pisses with the door open – out of the car – how people in Melbourne boo’d at some of her jokes yet the people who live in Perth love it – apparently people in Melbourne are from Mt Lawley according to once audience member. Her show I can make you Irish is running on the  4th, 9th and 10th of February.

Waters hit the ball out of the park much like her previous stand up comedies WOMANz winning three awards in one night at the 2014 Melbourne Fringe, OVER PROMISES nominated for Best International Show at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival in 2017, FULLY SIK Won the Best Comedy Weekly Award at Adelaide Fringe 2017 and as as third of the currently running Glittery Clittery: a Consensual Party cabaret show which has been nominated for both Best Cabaret at Perth FringeWorld and Best Newcomer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival not to mention showing up in the Age’s top 10 shows of the festival. Her show Tessa Waters – Volcano runs on the 3rd and 4th of February and Glittery Clittery: a conSENSUAL party‘s last show is the 3rd of February.

As a whole, the line up for the night’s comedy at the very comfortable Comedy Lounge was brilliant, definitely a show you should go and see if you need a good laugh and even if you don’t need a laugh, go anyway and support these funny ladies.

WHEN: 27 January – 24 February 2018 | Friday & Saturdays | 7:30pm

WHERE: Comedy Lounge Perth City | CBD

INFO: Tickets $30 | Duration 60 mins | Suitable 18+ | COMEDY





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