FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Andew Silverwood: Reformed Terrorist | 4 stars

Review | Kieran Eaton

Andrew Silverwood breaks the racial stereotype of a terrorist in this current political climate, and he maybe does this to fight the far-right bigots. This clever man creates a subversive performance about trying to be a comedian while having a past of being a classified terrorist – just for doing left wing activism. Silverwood is an energetic lad that is extremely open about the struggles of an artist.

This comic uses an up and coming war-up act, in Simone Springer to get the audience going and this Perth performer achieves this with solid comedy material and probing questions about relationships – working the audience with ease.  She is well liked and creates a nice level of warmth before the main act comes to our attention.

Hailing from East London, Silverwood sees much craziness in the gentrified hipster pretentiousness where he lives and at the same time displays self-awareness of his own hipster appearance, wearing the braces for his trousers with pride! This cool cat, expertly balances the right amount of self-loathing with having a go at others. A stage craftsman – he keeps his gaze on the audience throughout, bantering where needed.

Chaos ensues as his stories are short, with amusing descriptions that allow for clear visualisation. His tales have twists and turns that suit his manic nature. Sipping a beer throughout the night, this comedian shows his love of living on the edge – yet doing it in a slightly poncy way.

Andrew Silverwood: Reformed Terrorist may on first impressionst just seem like a straight white male, stand up comedian, however is far more interesting than this with his cheeky tales that have led him to get here. This FRINGEWORLD 2018 show is a must see if are into some playful storytelling and a relaxing night out.

WHEN: 2 – 10 February | Friday & Saturdays | 11:00pm

WHERE: Belgian Beer Cafe | CBD | Perth

INFO: Tickets $18 – $25 | Duration 60 mins | Suitable 15+ | COMEDY



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