FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Triple Cream Comedy | 4 stars

Review | Link Harris

Triple Cream Comedy Showcase presented by Infinite Jest Comedy offers up a trio of ever changing acts whether it be local, national or international comedians you’ll never know who is performing on any given night.

First up to the microphone was Struan Logan, a Scottish comedian who just stood there and talked… just kidding, he told me not to say it but I couldn’t resist! Both Logan and the audience had a great time, talking and laughing about where they’re from, accents and how easy or hard they are to understand, the difference with doing bar work in Australia vs England and the difference in pay for doing so by calculating how many pizzas you could afford per hour as well as a few other topics. Logan is definitely a must see if you want a chilled, relaxed and laid back approach to comedy that is easy to get into. His show Struan Logan: Struan all over the world is running from the 6th to the 18th of Feb.

Second up to the microphone was Manfred Yon, whose self deprecating style of comedy, whilst funny, makes you feel bad for the guy – one audience member even asked him to sit down next to them and have a beer after his set because he seemed lonely. Passing out markers and yellow scraps of paper to the audience, they wrote down topics for him to make jokes about like bitcoin, animals, grandma‚Äôs pigs, comfortable shoes and lesbians to name a few – all the while making horrible puns worthy of being relegated to the same category of dad jokes. If you’d to like see the next Hugh Jackman – his words, definitely not mine- self deprecating humour or just random comedy driven by the audience then definitely give Yon a look. Yon’s own show has finished for the season but you can still find him with his Infinite Jest Comedy cohorts at various shows around town.

Third and last to the microphone was Nick Maro, this guy is seedy… like really seedy, where else are you going to see someone that makes the entire audience both uncomfortable and laugh at the same time then at one of Maro’s shows? His act starts with a spiel about bitcoin following on from Yon, binge eating, disproportionate people, he pokes fun at Trump plus his supporters, doing drugs in Bali, then moves onto sex and masturbation and falls down the rabbit hole even further whilst he looks at the audience like a fat kid looks at a cupcake.

Overall the line up for the evening was fantastic and hopefully this will continue throughout the Triple Cream Comedy Showcase’s run on Fringe, definitely a must see for some comedic fun and good times at a decent price.

WHEN: 30 January – 21 February | 7:30pm

WHERE: Cheeky Sparrow | Perth

INFO: Tickets $5 – $10 | Duration 50 mins | Suitable 18+ | Variety | COMEDY



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