FRINGEWORLD 2018 | So Fresh: The Fairly Average Dance Party | 4 stars

Review | Link Harris

So Fresh: The Fairly Average Dance Party sees Dance Ablett, Jessie James Gordon, Mark Turner, Sam Timmerman and Tom Greble – who have been described as some of Perth’s most talented musicians – playing instruments which they don’t normally play to create a “fairly average” rendition of eighties, nineties and noughties music and providing the vocals for them as well.

Admit it, you know you and everyone you grew up with from around this era remembers those So Fresh compilation offerings. Shameful in its guilty pleasurable enjoyment is one of those easy to relate to nostalgic recollections universal to generation X’s and Y’s!

For those brazen enough to want to relive their awkward phase this is the perfect experience for you. This group will have you feeling like you fit right in in no time. Doing your favourite and tolerable songs from artists like Eminem, Brittany Spears, MC Hammer, B-52s, NSYNC*, Aqua and much much more they are anything but fairly average and it is definitely an injustice to call them so.

Ordinarily if your favourite band played their music off key or out of tune you would have a meltdown or go straight to social media to slander them but this group pulls it off with such style and pizazz that you can’t help but join in singing, dancing and having a great time – even if it takes you a few bars to recognise the songs.

Think MTV meets RAGE meets Blue Light Disco!

If you’re thirty something or grew up listening to songs from the eighties, nineties or noughties then this show is a definite must see, if you didn’t grow up listening to music go anyway and enjoy the fun and unique music styling of So Fresh: The Fairly Average Dance Party.

WHEN: 31 January – 4 February 2018 | 8:30pm

WHERE: The Ellington Jazz Club | Northbridge | Perth

INFO: Tickets $22 – $26 | Duration 55 mins | Suitable all ages | Recommended people born in the 80s! | WA Artists | MUSIC




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