FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Noughty Girls | 4.5 stars

Review | Laura Money

Do you feel Bootylicious? How about Beautiful in every single way? Were you ever in love with a Sk8ter Boy? If you answered yes, or even LOLd, you need to get your Fergilicious butt down to the Laneway Bar and check out the Noughty Girls. Part sketch comedy, part 00’s dance party, all nostalgia – this is the best entertainment you’ll get from four women in pink velour tracksuits. (Remember when that was a thing?)

The Noughty Girls delight in bringing the cringe back to reminiscing – it’s a right of passage we all must go through, but there’s something especially hilarious about the popular culture of the 2000s that is really laughable. When Kim, Courtney and Hannah receive their invitations to their 10 year High School reunion, they are plunged back into the world of Destiny’s Child, The OC, flip phones and MySpace. There is so much in this show that I had forgotten about, but these ladies hit the nail firmly on the diamante-encrusted head.

Interspersed with music and advice from DJ Dolly Doctor (yeah, you’d forgotten about that little pre-google gem, hadn’t you?!) the ladies provide some of the funniest sketches from women this side of 30. With natural chemistry and a total love of clowning and buffoonery, they cover everything – from an original Kath and Kim sketch about eating healthy and how to make the perfect Tinder profile (by the way, the impressions are amazingly accurate) to a hilarious song about eating real bread and not gluten free – complete with giant bread costume!

The ladies prove they’ve still got the moves as they recreate their high-school rehearsed dance to Bootylicious – something I remember doing at school with my girlfriends – and realise that everything they know about love comes from the OC or bad song lyrics. Honestly, I had forgotten how bad some of these songs were! Running through the show, is the girls’ pillow talk – they candidly and hilariously talk through their anxieties about dating, and in my personal fave moment – how to construct the perfect 00s slaying outfit (let’s just say ruffle skirts and slogan Ts are mentioned!)

The Noughty Girls are genuinely funny. Their sketches speak to all generations, not just millennials – at the heart of their comedy is truth, which is timeless. If you grew up in the 2000s (or were even a bit too old to have experienced all of the noughties as a youth, like me) the jokes will cut so close to your funny bone, you’ll be drinking passion pop and heading out to Supre to reminisce in no time!

WHEN: 27 January – 4 February 2018 | 7:45pm

WHERE: Laneway Bar | Murray Street | Perth

INFO: Tickets $18 – $20 | Duration 60 mins | Suitable 15+ (perfect for 26 – 34 year-olds!) | COMEDY




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