FRINGEWORLD 2018 | A Simple Space | 5 stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

Meet contemporary circus troupe, Gravity & Other Myths. Debuting their first ever performance for a Perth audience is their FRINGEWORLD 2018 aptly named piece, A Simple Space. While Most circus or acrobatic shows consistently exhibit an incredible level of strength, skill and creativity, it is this show’s total absence of elaborate theatricals that will have you falling in love with the circus all over again.

The show is stripped back and dressed down to literally an intimate simple space. Props, lighting, sets and other normally present elements to a show’s staging are notably absent. In fact, all mood-enhancing and technical aspects if the show are performed and carried out with gracefully fluid skill and timing by the troupe themselves. This directs our attention to where it is intended – focused solely and thoroughly upon the starring acrobats as they create this hour-long spectacle with the only things available to them:  each other.

Demonstrating the usual impressive feats of strength and skill this act’s intensely intimate setting and lack of distraction, means the audience cannot help but be aware of not just what the human body is capable of, but also of just how much it truly takes to accomplish such acts. The speed and various ways in which the troupe’s extensive repertoire of tricks is executed is, at times, almost beyond comprehension! Seeing is believing, they say, and yet it’s hard to watch this group and believe what you’re seeing!

Interspersed with short acrobatic acts are some humorous little games of rivalry of a sort, seeing the acrobats competing against each other in what appears to be friendly, teasing challenges. Seemingly simple games –  like who can skip the fastest or hold their breath the longest are all charmingly infused with that little extra subtly-added twist – making for a cheeky, yet highly endearing ‘see what happens next’ pace to the show.

There’s not much more that can or needs to be said about this show’s performance elements without giving away the honest, joyous mood that fills the audience as they experience the feeling of wonder and awe during the show. What I can say, is that this show seems like a very intimate, personal look into the world of the acrobats themselves, as if you’ve been invited to join in just how much hard work and fun-filled teamwork goes into such a career. Almost…and if that doesn’t sell you on the show, then perhaps  an entire audience’s riotous applause during a unanimous standing ovation will.

WHEN: 27 January – 11 February 2018 | 2:00pm & 7:00pm

WHERE: The West Australian Speigeltent | The Pleasure Garden | Northbridge

INFO: Tickets $28 – $42 | Duration 60 mins | Suitable all ages | CIRCUS




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