FRINGEWORLD 2018 | WE ARE IAN | 5 stars

Review | Link Harris

WE ARE IAN comprises of Nora Alexander, Dora Lyn and Kat Cory, sporting white overalls and shoes that have lights in the soles as they take us back to the club and rave scene of the UK in 1989 as described by their mate Ian Taylor – who takes on the form of a light bulb that pulses when his recorded voice speaks and whom they are fully engrossed in and seem to worship as some sort of god.

If you’ve ever seen Orange is the New Black, the trio of performers’ hair has a similar style to Crazy Eyes and they have an even crazier look on their faces as they stare at both the audience and the light bulb like a deer looks at an oncoming train. They dance along to house music sticking out their tongues like they’re doing the Haka and the looks on their faces – whilst making you feel uneasy at first – you can’t help but laugh as their antics come into full swing as the show continues.

The audience gets prompted to stand up and dance along with the trio doing the mash potato and cold spaghetti, the trio continue dancing whilst occasionally hugging audience members and then the biscuits appear… A BROWN F#CKING BISCUIT! One of the trio starts slowly edging it towards her long flicking tongue, finally eating it whole after it’s been almost licked clean and then the others begin chowing down on them like ravenous animals that haven’t seen, let alone smelled food for a week – not to mention the trio makes as much mess as a baby eating biscuits for the first time if not more!

As the crumbs and biscuit pieces roll down the front of their overalls and fall to the floor they get stomped by their continual dancing and now the entire floor is almost entirely covered in biscuit pieces and dust. Their teeth and lips are covered in the mush of what actually made it into their mouths as they continue to creepily smile from ear to ear. They start to feed audience members biscuits handing them over nicely, feeding them like birds or flinging them about creating even more mess than there was before.

The hilarity and craziness just keeps on coming like the ebb and flow of a stormy ocean, that is until Taylor seems to fall into a melancholy about what was done to the club scene as well as getting old, having to work a proper job painting instead of having fun taking drugs and partying with the trio falling right down with him but the show goes on charged with political statements from none other than the Iron Lady herself Margaret Thatcher and more exposition from Taylor about what happened.

This is definitely not a show for anyone that is a wallflower, dislikes loud music or has epilepsy but if you like having fun, joining in on the dancing, find appeal in watching Alexander, Lyn and Cory dance around like crazed lunatics and most importantly if you like eating biscuits then this show is definitely a must see!

WHEN: 27 January – 11 February 2018 | 10:15pm

WHERE: Circus Theatre | Fringe Central | Northbridge

INFO: Tickets $25 – $27 | Duration 50 mins | Suitable 15+ | Drug references | Strobe lighting | THEATRE




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