FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Sassafrass: An Evening In Paris | 5 stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

Who in their right mind would even attempt to resist a bit of Paris in the Fringe time? Paris, the city of love. Effortless in its sophistication yet still there is that subtle, cheeky air of mystery about it. Experiencing Paris is akin to that of the most intimate of interludes. It completely embodies sultry passion. Paris seduces you so entirely that you cannot help but fall helplessly in love with it.

This is exactly how I would describe the experience of Sassafrass: An Evening In Paris. What a truly extraordinary group of talented performers. This 5-piece Perth jazz band is an amalgamation of 4 of the most enigmatic musicians you’ll ever see.  Not to mention, the vocals of Jessie Gordon who has the most astoundingly powerful range.

It’s flawlessly presented jazz with a fabulous French theme. Enjoy some famous favourites and expect the group’s very own flair to be added to each. Instruments are played beautifully and with ease as the phenomenal talent blends together not only as an ensemble but also as individual players. showcasing extraordinary diversity.

Gordon is full of charisma too, blessed with an impeccable stage presence. The crowd are unable to keep from smiling as the show’s musical elements are elegantly laced with humour and stories.

A definite Fringe favourite so far for sure – the audience will be raving about their evening in Paris for weeks to come!

WHEN: 27 January – 4 February 2018 | 5:30pm & 7:00pm

WHERE: The Ellington Jazz Club | Northbridge

INFO: Tickets $22 – $27 | Duration 55 mins | Suitable all ages | WA artist | MUSIC




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