FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Late with Kate | 4.5 stars

Review | Kieran Eaton

Let’s be clear – Late With Kate is not your normal late-night variety night. It is much more chilled out and definitely friendlier. It seems slightly ironic if you know what show creator and host, Kate Smurthwaite’s solo FRINGEWORLD 2018 (ForniKATEress) is about. Yet, Smurthwaite is honest about this and thus, white elephant firmly out of the room, she relaxes the crowd. Still, Smurthwaite is quite cheeky with the audience with a nice blend of warmth. There is a sense she likes to keep things organic – like she is performing to old friends, due to her skill at building rapport quickly.

The trust that this experienced MC creates allows for her to bring on a variety of acts. For this night she had two different performers. Smurthwaite opens with a local, funky and talented Ukulele musician in Jaime Makayla. The other a fellow English comedian – who matched the compare’s story telling ability, in Andrew Silverwood.  Smurthwaite does mention Late with Kate will have different performers throughout the festival but we get a feeling based the quality of those two, she will provide acts of a very high standard.

Smurthwaite does interact with the audience and yet she creates ease in getting all to open a bit of themselves.  Seamlessly, she will use the interactions to create different jokes based on herself.  This is achieved with style and grace.  Indeed, there is a sense that she is grounded and grateful in the life she leads. This night strongly suggests no matter the size of the crowd, there will be a feeling of intimacy throughout.

I highly recommend Late with Kate if you want a variety night that is chilled, sip a bit of red wine kind of night. The combination of a polished, quick witted host and varied acts is night of something for everyone. Go more than once, you’ll always be welcome.


WHEN: 26 January to February 7, 2018 | 10:00pm


INFO: Tickets $25 | Duration 60 mins | CABERET | COMEDY



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