FRINGEWORLD 2018 | ForniKATEress | 4 stars

Review | Kieran Eaton

Kate Smurthwaite is open. She is so open that she has opened to over 40 million people about being in an open relationship. She did not intentionally do this, yet in a world where women get judged about how they look and if they are not “spoiling themselves” for that one man – people will care, even if you want to talk about serious political issues! However, sex is important to our brains and Smurthwaite just wants to keep that evolutionary high going.

This English comedian knows that honesty is one of the best sources of comedy gold.  Still, her stories are using names of men that she realises may not want to be mentioned and so she uses the assistance of the audience to great effect. Smurthwaite is a pro at working a crowd and is super quick at improvising from the reactions of the audience. Her relaxed style eases the crowd tensions when showing the intense Internet abuse she has received being on one popular Sunday Morning TV show. Indeed, ForniKATEress is about the different reactions she receives when she mentions that she is polyamorous.

ForniKATEress is comedic storytelling in the style of a TEDtalk – making it engaging and educational, at the same time! Smurthwaite has had to be informed to debate many people with opposing views and this intellect does not make her snobby. It is rather the opposite as she throughout makes fun of pretentious people. You can truly tell that Smurthwaite is a battler that just wants to make the most out of life.

For a fun night out where you want to question conventional wisdom – do see this delightful show, as Smurthwaite will take you on a safe journey through her sexual adventures of juggling her life as a stand-up comedian and having multiple partners.


WHEN: 26 January to 7 February 2018 | 8:00pm


INFO: Tickets $25 | Duration 60 mins | Adult Content | COMEDY



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