FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Driftwood | 4 stars

Review | Link Harris

Driftwood consists of the Casus Circus members Spenser Inwood, David Trappes, Johnathon Brown, Jon Bonaventura and Shannon Vitali as they deliver a visually stunning and playful display of acrobatics with human contact being the theme.

The tent is packed and the atmosphere created by the smoke machines sets the stage as a single light with a lampshade hangs from the roof of The Edith Spiegeltent. The performers enter and crowd under and around it – wrapping themselves together and writhing around underneath it, they exit the stage leaving Inwood on her own as she stands under it staring out into the audience as it continually drops on her head, shooing it away with her hands she continues to stand as it happens over and over eventually flicking it away with her feet and It eventually leaves her alone causing the audience to laugh.

They give a spectacular and entertaining show of Aerial Hoop with Vitali, Corde Lisse starring Bonaventura, hilarious juggling from Trappes, feats of strength from strong woman Inwood, feats of Balance/Agility from Brown and much much more! Almost always interacting with each other playfully and paying careful attention to that hanging light you can just feel the sense of the performers needing to be together and interacting with the light throughout the entire performance. The audience really gets into it with laughs as the performers clown around, with the gasps and open hanging mouths one would expect from their acrobatic performance and the consistent clapping after each spectacular display.

If you’ve never seen an acrobatic circus act before then this is definitely a good start and even if you’ve seen plenty of them before then this is still worth a look as the five performers excel at their profession and it will definitely appeal to people of all ages.

WHEN: 30 January – 11 February 2018 | 6:30pm

WHERE: The Edith Speigeltent | The Ice Cream Factory | Northbridge

INFO: Tickets $28 – $32 | Duration 60 mins | Smoke effects | Suitable all ages | CIRCUS




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