FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Andrew Silverwood Wants To Host A F#cking Panel Show | 4 stars

Review | Link Harris

Andrew Silverwood wants to Host a F#ucking Panel Show is, as one might guess, a panel show hosted by none other than Andrew Silverwood. According to Silverwood, the BBC has rejected his multiple requests to host a panel show and as such he paid $400 and come to Fringe to do it instead!

The stage is set with Silverwood hosting on the left and two teams of two people on the right. After the introductions of the contestants – all FRINGEWORLD 2018 celebrities – and their hilarious squeaky buzzers (which apparently sound different) along with their team mascots which were purchased for $1 (a rainbow unicorn pen named Harry Stylus and a Purple Insta-bow) it follows a normal panel show type format a la Spicks and Specks, Good News Week and QI. However, unlike other panel shows Silverwood’s audience frequently gets in on the action and at times often overshadows the contestants and the host himself.

The night I went, the majority of the audience consisted of the friends and family of everyone involved (except Silverwood himself, of course) so they may have been at a slight disadvantage to begin with; however it made for some comedy gold – especially when three of the contestants’ mother (Mrs Macri) started talking about sexual acts and the time between performances of such acts – which caused one of them to leave the stage to compose herself and the other two to cringe and screw up their faces like they had just bitten into an especially sour lemon.

The contestants are given various games to play such as ‘Guess this News Article’, ‘Silverwould? or Silverwouldn’t?’ – Was Silverwood really arrested for assaulting a Police officer? ‘Scavenger Hunt’ which saw the contestants asking for items from the audience by describing them – which sent multiple condoms flying at them and ‘Roast your Host’ where the contestants took turns roasting Silverwood.

If you like panel shows- or even if you don’t – head on over to Andrew Silverwood Wants To Host A F#cking Panel Show and join in the fun!

WHEN: 27 January – 4 February 2018 | 9:00pm

WHERE: Ibis Hotel | The Palace Society | Perth CBD

INFO: Tickets $25 | Duration 60 mins | Suitable 15+ | COMEDY




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