FRINGEWORLD 2018 | Adulting | 4 stars

Review | Amanda Lancaster

For those of you who have somehow miraculously managed to escape any and all modern day social media conventions, let me introduce you to the latest urban term: “Adulting.”  A hugely popular online trend “adulting” is basically the public congratulatory act of being able to accomplish the most  basic of Grown-up tasks. You know, those simple, basic, necessary responsibilities that are known and expected – yet still manage to shock and confuse modern generations. It’s not that we find having to be an adult bad – it’s more that we’re currently engaged in the act of adulting…and that  we suck at.

Tash York knows this better than anyone – so much so in fact that she has created an entire hilarious cabaret confessional based upon her own efforts at Adulting. Showcasing not only her life experiences but also a wide-reaching plethora of examples the whole audience can definitely relate to, this show has something for everyone.

From topics such as how unpaid parking fines can miraculously wrack up such an enormous debt, to debates about whether reheating  Macca’s chicken nuggets can really be classed as cooking dinner, this show leaves no irresponsible decision untouched.

A phenomenal voice and an even more amazing ability to use it at lightening speed whilst improvising, York croons, belts out – and ,even raps – her way through this 55 minute singing satire. There are a few dips in the show’s pace and comedic tempo towards the last half, however you can’t help but admire the textural, layered quality that has been put into each and every piece.

There is no room for doubt regarding York’s talent or charisma as she makes each and every parody very much her own. Tongue-in-cheek and sassy as hell Tash York is a  delight to watch.

WHEN: 27 January – 2 February 2018 | 5:45pm

WHERE: De Parel Speigeltent | The Pleasure Garden | Northbridge

INFO: Tickets $15 – $25 | Duration 55 mins | Recommended 15+ | CABARET




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