In Brief


Comedian and improviser MANFRED YON answers our Five With Fringe questions ahead of his show, MANFRED YON LOVES YOU (THE AUDIENCE) 

Describe your show in 3 words:

Comedy a la carte

What is your show all about?

It is 10 years of stand up squeezed into one show, plus comedy on any subject YOU wish. It is a show for YOU. You have the power.

Favourite place for a post-show drink?

I love the street carts, but Lazy Susan’s is a venue with variety (I am all about personal choice haha)

How would you describe your FW experience?

It’s like the city has run away to the circus for a few weeks. Adds 5 years onto your life, even as it takes away your allocated sleeping time

Apart from your show, what other shows would you recommend?

Fran Middleton in Franny Pack. She is a rare thing: a clown who wants to push the limits of stupid, while caring whether she is still funny. The other recommendation is Marvelus: all the marvel movies, sort of. Never seen it, but I will, on premise alone.

Check out MANFRED’s show here:



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